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About Me
Here For

Dr Who, making websites, making new friends, listening to music, watching movies. Browsing the web

Favorite Music
David Essex, ABBA, Ramstein, Black Sabbath, Lordi, Pussycat Dolls, Elton John, Madness, westlife.

Favorite Movies
Dr who. Billy Elliot. Twilight Series. NCIS. Glee Series.

Favorite Books
Christopher Paolini-Eldest, Brisingr, Eragon. Jeremey Clarkson-Born To Be Riled. Harry Potter. Dr Who Files. Billy Elliot-Through The Lens. Steve Steinmans Rock Series. Blandford Forum Book.

Favorite Quotations
As my dad always says : "WATCH ME"

General About Me
If you want to know more about me you can find out! I have created a website that is entirely devoted to me! Why don't you drop by, here is the web address, I am currently looking for a girlfriend to spend lots of quality time together if you are interested you can message me! My other name is Marcus Burge. My mobile number is..07719216748

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